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April 20, 2019 - 1 - UFOs – Abductions – Paranormal Activity

Well, we had a great meeting on Saturday, March 16th, at Beefy’s on the Green in Spring Branch, Texas. We even had a couple of folks from the Houston area who had come out to see what we’re all about. Okay, in the interest of transparency, the out of towners were my sister and her husband. I had a QHHT session with my sister several months ago, and since she is on my email list, she had received all the newsletters that I have been sending out, and so she decided to come to Spring Branch to see for herself what her older brother was doing with this Meetup meeting thing. We had several others who had attended before, and we give them a warm welcome.

The discussions were lively, and it seemed that at times we were talking over each other trying to get our stories out. Speaking of getting our stories out. As I was leaving Beefy’s after the meeting, I just mentioned to one of the ladies at the counter what we were all about, she said that it all sounded very interesting, and so I invited her to the next meeting. It was then that she began to tell her stories about her UFO sightings and her paranormal experiences. Her stories were fabulous and remarkable. It was a shame that she was unable to attend our meeting. These kinds of experiences are everywhere, and even those who happened to see something out of place, regardless of how minor it might have been, have turned out to be something major in their life.

Several topics of discussion were brought forth. Some of these topics dealt with UFOs, ETs and the paranormal; however, the list of topics that we don’t normally deal with, but which has a real interest in our world mainly revolved around the subject of “conspiracy theory.” Several on the list of subjects are listed below.

First, these two men who are normally off our radar are Nikola Tesla and Royal Raymond Rife. Quite frankly, be prepared to be very angry at the established “Powers That Be.” These two men had within their means to completely transform our world into a virtual paradise had it not been the greed for power and money of a few men.

Second, are subjects concerning our world and others who might have an interest in what we’re doing to our planet. Valiant Thor has an interest in what we’re doing to our planet and talked with presidents to help reverse the course that is leading to destruction of our world. The Black Knight Satellite, an intergalactic satellite that was discovered by Nikola Tesla in 1899. The Hollow Earth Theory is another subject that has had my attention since I first read about it when I was in Junior High School. Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd of the United States Navy tells some of what he experienced when he happened to “fly” his plane into the inner earth. This article also has references to other subject matter that you might find useful. I noticed at the end of the article was a reference to “The Smoky God” from an account by Olaf Jansen. I’ve included a link to the PDF in this newsletter. This YouTube video, by David Wilcock might have you “waking up” to the world around you. I had to edit the Smoky God link above, it may give you an error, but it will work. It’ll download a pdf onto your computer that you can open in your pdf reader.

Third, dealing with Reincarnation or Near-Death Experiences, may just rock your world. We’ve all had experiences that have caused us to question of the reality of our world and our existence. What is life? What is death? What is the judgement? Do we live again in a new body? The link above, will take you to a site that may answer some of your questions.

Fourth, one of the things that was brought up in the Saturday meeting dealt with the most important picture ever taken. The YouTube video linked here gives us the most important picture ever taken. When we think about God and try to put Him into a box of our own making, we fail to realize just Who made all things. Since God is outside of time and inhabits all of Creation, this video just may help us to realize how great is our God. Just think about that the next time you look up into the night sky, trying to see those moving lights among the 3000 or so stars that are visible. Galaxies, billions and billions of them that we are not even able to fathom, let alone see. Yet, we continue to look and search. We search in our universe without giving thought to other universes that the Lord may have created. WOW! WOW! WOW!

There, I’ve given you numerous subjects or topics to which you may want to do your own research. Research which may lead you down more than one rabbit hole in which you may not find your way out. I cannot list all the references to any of the subject matters I’ve listed. The list would encompass too many pages of text and probably a book.

As all those on this email list know, I’m a certified hypnotist of the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, or QHHT®, as developed by Dolores Cannon. Recently, I’ve also completed and obtained my certification on Beyond Quantum Healing, BQH®. I’ve had clients who had noticed lights in the vent windows of their car as they were driving down the road. Although there was not much thought of what the lights could have been, in the back of the client’s mind, that event still bothered the client throughout their life and eventually led them to me. I led the client into a QHHT session in which the details were brought out. This client had been abducted several times in their life and that is what the lights were, a UFO following the vehicle they were driving; and it seems that at least one other abduction will take place in their future. I’ve also had clients that described their deaths in previous lives. Those previous lives and their deaths have had a lasting effect on their present lives. Reviewing a past life may bring healing and comfort to the client; although, the client may have other questions concerning their life event in the present. For instance, I’ve had clients who wanted to know their life purpose, what their career path should be and if they were on it and if they had ever been abducted or seen a UFO.

Answers to abductions and UFO sightings may surprise you. When I do a QHHT session, I ask the questions that the client has brought to me to ask. It is very important that I do not ask leading questions that would lead a client to answer a question in a certain way, as if they want something to be true when it is not. Recently, I had a client that did not know they had been abducted and when they were led into hypnosis, it was revealed that they had been abducted numerous times, and their child had also been abducted. Yes, it is possible to act as a surrogate to obtain answers for others, however, healing may not be possible unless the subject of the healing has asked for it to happen do to our freewill reality.

Are you curious, or do you have a story you’d like to share? Come join us at Beefy’s on the Green, April 20th at Noon. This is a safe place to tell your stories without fear of rebukes from others. Everybody has gone through something, whether it’s been UFO sightings or abductions, shadow people coming in the night, ghosts in the house watching you sleep, this is happening all over the world and in your world. Your friends are welcome, bring them.

MUFON: San Antonio, Texas

Next Meeting on March 26th, 2019 from 7 to 9 PM

At 12500 NW Military Highway, San Antonio, Texas

(Barshop Community Center)

San Antonio, Texas

At NW Military and Wurzbach Parkway

Coffee and snacks served starting at 6:30.

Meeting is upstairs but check in at the reception desk to register and name tags

Fee of $5.00 assessed to cover the room rental and refreshments…Try to bring exact change

We are changing the room configuration to theater seating so it won’t be so cramped…We will have more room…So, bring a friend

Well, until next time. Have a great week.

Carl Marshall – Text of Call - 479-970-6922 - Leave a message

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