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April 20, 2019 - 3 - UFOs – Abductions – Paranormal Activity

Have you ever heard the old saying about the man or woman who was climbing the corporate ladder only to find that when they got to the top, the ladder was against the wrong wall?

There just seems to be a lot of that going on, at least ever since I can remember. People put their whole lives into a certain belief system only to find out that all they have believed in, they have fought for, was wrong. What do they do then? Do they tell their students, their subscribers, their sponsors that they were wrong, that the truth has been found?

That, I believe, is not very likely. What do we do? Really. Why, we do what we do best, we cover it up and pretend it didn’t happen and ridicule those who know and profess the truth. People’s lives have been destroyed covering up the truth to protect another person’s reputation or works. After all, there are projects to be completed, symposiums to be held, books to written and money to be made, all based on a lie.

That, my friends, is why we’re here. Our lives have been touched and our minds have been twisted because the truth of what we have seen and heard conflicts with what we are told is “true.” I watched a couple of YouTube videos this week featuring Linda Moulton Howe on UAMN TV. I recommend these two videos. They make you angry. The first one is, Linda Moulton Howe The Moon is an Intelligent Machine that see’s EVERYTHING. If you have ever wondered what happened to Neil Armstrong, the first man to have ever walked on the moon, and why he seldomly made public appearances, this may help. Another question to ask is, “What did he see?” The second video, Linda Moulton Howe Reveals What Extraterrestrials Really Want … it’s Not Good! When government whistleblowers explain what is happening in our world, where we are pawns in some intergalactic game of chess, this may help to open our eyes to what our reality is all about. When multiple questions are asked and the response from the whistleblower is, “You really DON’T want to KNOW!” What is it we don’t want to know? Is it so outside our belief system that it would destroy our civilization? Or, so terrible that it would fracture our minds? Granted! Linda Moulton Howe is simply retelling what has been told to her in hopes that what she is hearing has truly been experienced by the teller. She has no hard evidence that what she is being told is true, but the credentials of the whistleblowers may add weight and validity to what she is being told.

We all search for answers, but what would it take to believe that a UFO was real, or an abduction has taken place or that our reality is somehow a giant computer program, such as the Holodeck from Star Trek? What would constitute absolute proof? This question was brought up at a recent meeting of MUFON in March. One really needs to ponder upon this question, because the answer may be different for each person. For one person, just a news story from a major network may be all that is needed. For others, those who have been so indoctrinated in the perpetual lies from The Powers That Be, it may be that they would never believe, even if an alien space ship should pick them up and take them for a ride to the Andromeda Galaxy. It is something to contemplate, is it not? What would it take for you to believe, but I suppose I’m preaching to the choir? We have our experiences.

During a QHHT® hypnotic regression, clients have come in and wanted to know about things they have seen but were unsure of what it really was at the time. The regression may expose those things that were meant to be hidden from the conscious mind. Things hidden by entities who may have an agenda of which you may now be a part.

When I was about five years old, I was living in Coloma, Michigan. One night I was woken by five to seven little entities coming out of my bedroom closet surrounding my bed. I don’t remember anything past them surrounding my bed, but it was at the beginning of a lifetime of seeing lights in the sky, entities abducting me during the day and in my dreams, shadow people waking me as I lie sleeping, ghosts running down the hall and jumping on the bed walking around like a cat at the foot of the bed, ghosts watching me sleep.

I don’t know what any of this means. It does not scare me. When a malevolent entity attempts to attack me, and they have, I call for Jesus and the entity instantly goes away. One does not need to fear them when Jesus is in one’s life.


Are you curious, or do you have a story you’d like to share? Come join us at Beefy’s on the Green, April 20th at Noon. This is a safe place to tell your stories without fear of rebukes from others. Everybody has gone through something, whether it’s been UFO sightings or abductions, shadow people coming in the night, ghosts in the house watching you sleep, this is happening all over the world and in your world. Your friends are welcome, bring them.

Well, until next time. Have a great week.

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