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March 16, 2019 - 1 - Abductions, Implants, Conversations with ETs

All I can is WOW, WOW, WOW!!

Yesterday was phenomenal. A bunch of us showed up at, “Beefy’s on the Green,” yesterday for our monthly Meetup meeting, although this newsletter is also going out to my email list. We had new people there and new stories, great stories.

After listening to all the exciting heartfelt stories yesterday and the sincerity of the people telling these experiences, it is my belief that the phenomena of UFOs, ETS and their abductions and the whole spiritual aspect of ghosts, shadow people and such like, is the norm rather than the abnormal. I know that there are many people who have had such experiences who would rather not tell their stories due to personal issues, and I understand that, I also know that the stories we heard yesterday needed to come out, and I’m glad they did.

Several weeks ago, I had the privilege to have a client come in to address some issues that they were having in their life. This individual was seeking a QHHT Session, also known as Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, to uncover memories that had been blocked, and also seeing lights that were explainable through reason and logic. Without revealing the identity of this individual, I’d like to mention one thing in their session that had come up after a group regression. It seems that this individual was traveling with a friend, one day, coming from the direction of Bulverde back to San Antonio when they both spied a light in the sky. When the client was regress to that time, I asked the Subconscious what the light was, the Subconscious replied,

Client “That was a hunter.”

Me, “What were they hunting for?”

Client, “Samples.”

Me, “Are the hunters all around us, or do they just come occasionally?”

Client, “A few are always here.”

Me, “Always in this area, around Spring Branch and San Antone?”

Client, “Yes.”

It is interesting that the ETs/UFOs are always around us. I’ve actually seen several in this area myself as well as some individuals who were able to tell their stories. This is not the first time that I’ve had clients who interacted with ETs or seen UFOs. Like I said before, I believe that this is the norm and everybody, EVERYBODY, has a story to tell after the stories have been revealed through the help of the Subconscious. And, I also believe that there is healing in just listening to the stories as they come from various people who have experienced something.

Although MUFON is not a part of my Meetup group, I’d like everyone to at least consider coming to one of the meetings. The meetings may be able to help answer questions you may have with activity in this area, or, actually, the world. They have a very large data base of reports with possible answers to sightings that folks have had.


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