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March 16, 2019 - 3 - UFOs – Abductions – Paranormal Activity

Last month was a great month to learn of new people coming to the meetings and hearing their stories that they feel comfortable sharing in public. Several times, I’ve been privileged to be pulled aside to hear stories with great emotion, not only during our meeting, but also at other venues. Cases related to UFO sightings and abductions are across a broad spectrum of humanity. It does not matter the race, religion, financial classification or any other belief system. There are physical characteristics, however, that may be considered. Below are four questions on ICAR’s Questionnaire, these questions were taken from the Alien Jigsaw.

There were four questions on ICAR’s blood type questionnaire:

(1) What type is your blood?

(2) What is your blood type?

The first two answer choices were included in two charts and covered: O neg, O pos, A neg, A pos, B neg, B pos, AB pos, AB neg.

(3) Are You A Contactee?

Answer choices were Yes, No, Maybe.

(4) What is your eye color?

Answer choices were Green Hazel, Blue, Brown

This seems simple enough, but on closer examination there are important considerations and limitations involving these four simple questions.

What do these questions say about you? Are you curious?

During my short journey into this realm of Meetup meetings and MUFON, I’ve had many people who have questions about things that they’ve seen, and they want answers; but mostly, they want to know that they are not alone, and that they have someone who will hear their stories and not ridicule them for the experiences that they’ve had.

During my experiences with QHHT/BQH, one of the primary questions that clients have, deal with their health, the second question would be UFOs and ETs or, “what was that light I saw way back in 19??,” People remember things like it happened yesterday. The third set of questions would amount to reincarnation. What is my life’s purpose? Am I doing what I’m supposed to be doing?

When I wrote that last paragraph, I remembered an incident that happened to me around 1965 or 1966. My grandparents lived in Crystal City, Texas and my family had gone from Houston, that summer weekend, to visit with them. Now my grandparents lived in a trailer house with the back-end of the trailer close to a barbed wire fence that separated them from a wilderness area that went all the way to Carrizo Springs, Texas; or, that’s the way it seemed. I used to walk in that wilderness area for what seemed like miles down an old abandoned railroad track.

One Saturday evening, it was close to 10:00 or 11:00, I was sitting on the porch with my dad and older sister, and we were talking. Suddenly, all of us looked up in the sky towards the wilderness area, an object, blacker that the black sky above us, came from the wilderness area, came over us, made a 180 degree turn and went back from where it had come from. We all asked the same question, “What was that?” The total time of the sighting could not have been more than two seconds, but it made an impression on us.

Seems like years later, the family was talking about that incident. Details differed just a little bit. For instance, I did not remember my sister being there, although see remembered the incident with great clarity. She asked me if I remembered the cigar shape UFO hovering in Crystal City right above the Popeye Statue. I told I did not remember seeing it. She asked me how I could not remember it, she said, “You were standing right next to me when we saw it?”

We may have seen things, but chances are we will not remember what we’ve seen. This was just one story out of years of things I’ve seen. From the time I was three or four until last October 2018 when I saw two UFOs in Spring Branch.

Are you curious, or do you have a story you’d like to share? Come join us at Beefy’s on the Green, March 16th at Noon.

I do not have a schedule for MUFON for the month of March yet. In February, we had a person who told of things she had remembered while under hypnosis. The abductions of her and her child. It’s a generational thing, or so I’ve been told.

Well, until next time. Have a great week.

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