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On the night of May 25, 2019, my brother, brother-in-law and I were standing on the road between my house and the golf course. We were looking for lights in the sky that may be moving. My brother-in-law, Jim, was the first one to see a moving light. The satellite was moving across the sky and we watched it until it went out of sight. A few minutes later, Jim called out to us and pointed up in the sky again, pointing to two lights that seemed to be traveling together, both flying from south to north. When the lights were almost above us, the front light went bright then dimmed, then the second light went bright and then dimmed also. They continued to travel north, for what was to us, a short distance before fading into the blackness. Whether the lights faded out due to distance or the object went into shadow is unknown to us. What was interesting about the two lights was that the front light seemed to speed up, putting more distance between the two lights. Hmmmm – Satellites do not speed up.

Occasionally, we hear of people having an experience that seems rather odd, taken at face value, but when one begins to connect the two events through the prism of ufology, one begins to see patterns that make it difficult to ignore. During the 2019 Memorial Day Weekend, we had a friend who came to visit from the Fort Worth area, who we haven’t seen in years, this is her story.

While visiting dear friends not seen since the late 80's the host related something about being abducted by a UFO during just "table talk" after dinner. I said, "I think I have been abducted" and the host started questioning me about what I think happened.

All I really remember is that it was in the middle of the day, must have been summer as I remember having on shorts. The helicopter landed on the South side of our sidewalk (I think I remember telling my mom about it and she said that it would be impossible for a helicopter to land there, brushing me off).

I remember getting into the helicopter thinking it would be OK since my brother (2 years younger) was allowed to sit on the neighborhood policeman's motorcycle.

I was not scared. When I think about this event, I can see it all just plain as day and see my 4 or 5-year-old self from behind, I can see my scraggly hair, shorts and halter top. I was never shy or scared of strangers for the most part of my life.

Although I was in aviation from 1983 until 2010, I have always been deathly afraid of helicopters. I always cringe at them hovering over wrecks, over sporting events, over weather rescues, hoping I never have to go on board one to be rescued.

Recently my sister texted me from Las Vegas to tell me she and her husband were about to take a helicopter tour of the night lights of Vegas. It really unnerved me, and I said, "you couldn't pay me to do that". I begged her not to go but she did, and all is well.

I do not know why I feel that way about helicopters, but, since no one in my neighborhood nor my family remembers that helicopter coming to get me, I have always figured it must have been an abduction, when I got old enough to put the pieces together. This is the house and the light space in the yard behind this tree is where I climbed aboard. This would have happened about 1950 or 1951.

In 1965, the very first night I moved into my very own apartment at 18 years old and lived alone. I heard a radio announcement of a UFO sighting over Fort Worth and I was scared stiff they were coming after me. My mother assured me they had no clue where I was.

I just looked up UFO sightings in Fort Worth not finding one in 1965 but I do find this one in 1950.

I’ve read about numerous investigations when the client has seen a normal, yet out of place objects or animals. For instance, one may see an owl, and the theory behind this owl being out of place is this, they may be used to screen memories to help people forget about having seen aliens. Since the owl may have a similar face as an average “grey,” people see and remember the owl rather than the “alien.” Similar to the helicopter – UFO screen memory; was the dream really about the helicopter or was it a screen memory of an actual abduction? The only way to know, is to have a hypnotic regression. Perhaps when she visits again, we could entertain the idea of a regression. It would be quite interesting. I do believe that she is an experiencer, someone who has had UFO and paranormal events their whole life.

One needs to ask themselves. Are the governments around the world now engaging in a soft disclosure? There has been more and more public discourse concerning the topic of UFOs. Consider the following YouTube file, “We Are Not Alone: Declass UFO Files…” It seems to me that our government still has not officially disclosed the presence of visitors / workers from other places other than the earth, but they have allowed videos from military gun cameras to be released.

UFOs are only a small part of our reality that has confounded us for many years, perhaps for thousands of years, but what of the other subjects that have been hidden from us? Those subjects that threaten the power structure or monetary receipts that are in place to support certain governments or religions of the world? Reincarnation is certainly a threat to the power structure. Others have written extensively on this subject, including Christians who profess that not only is reincarnation real, but it was taught by the first century Christians before it was systematically purged from the writings of the first century Christian fathers. Below, you will find references to sites that expound on the subject at hand. In addition, I found a site that further elucidates this topic. Consider this site, title, “May a Christian Believe in Reincarnation?” There are many sites which proclaim the same title, but which comes from a different viewpoint.

I am a seeker of truth. I want to know and learn about UFOs, ET abductions, ghosts, paranormal events, Out-Of-Body experiences, reincarnation, the life of Christ, etc. I am not afraid to peek into these things that others tend to hide their eyes from. John 8:31 So Jesus was saying to those Jews who had believed Him, “If you continue in My word, then you are truly disciples of Mine; 32 and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.” It is we, who need to study and seek after truth, wherever it may be, wherever it may lead us.

As I was in the process of finishing this newsletter, and waiting for additional information to include, I came across this MUFON video on YouTube. “Reality is a Hidden Grid and Anything Could Be In IT, Including YOU!” When we think about our reality, we normally think about what we see, taste, feel, smell and hear. We don’t normally include those things that don’t affect us directly. Most of us don’t normally see ghosts, UFOs, shadow people, etc., on a daily basis, but occasionally we do come across an event that causes us to question, “What just happened.” Then, we ponder on that event for a few minutes or even days.

Concerning UFOs and such, Luis Elizondo Admits US Government Has Alien Artifacts. This is a continuation of our soft disclosure, or is it? Tucker Carlson has had several UFO stories on his evening show in the last few weeks. Also, another MUFON YouTube video worth taking a look at would be, “These Aliens Are The Strangest of All, They Look Just Like Us!” Take a look around the room, where your grocery shop, where you work. Would you be able to pick out an alien from that group of people? When we think of aliens, we normally go back to what Hollywood has described to us. Think the 1950’s B-Grade movies, with the exception of Mr. Carpenter of, “The Day the Earth Stood Still.” Star Trek, in the 1960’s gave us a different kind of alien. Most of the aliens were humanoid. Star Trek introduced us to the possibility that aliens could look more like us rather than the monsters of yesterday. It does, however, cause us to wonder just what kind of programming Hollywood directors are downloading into our subconscious. Think “Coke” commercials.

If one were to tell you something that could absolutely change your life for the better, would you be willing to turn your television off and listen, and then do what was required? There are not many people who will, but there are some, who will take responsibility for their own lives.

Reincarnation Is it Biblical? You Won’t Believe What I’m About To Tell You. – Jacob Israel

Reincarnation in the Bible Part 1 Reincarnation in the Bible Part 2

Reincarnation, Jesus, the Bible, New Testament & Christian Doctrine

For more content on UFOs, Abductions and Reincarnation, be sure to visit: www.texasmetaphysics.com

If you want to know more about your own reincarnation or past life, drop me a line and let’s talk. I do QHHT® sessions for $300 per session.

Are you curious, or do you have a story you’d like to share? Come join us at Beefy’s on the Green, June 15th at Noon. This is a safe place to tell your stories without fear of rebukes or ridicule from others. Everybody has gone through something, whether it’s been UFO sightings or abductions, shadow people coming in the night, ghosts in the house watching you sleep, this is happening all over the world and in your world. Your friends are welcome, bring them.

MUFON San Antonio, Texas

I’ve been accepted by MUFON, as a QHHT® Regressionist, for those who have a desire to learn about their own UFO Close Encounter Experience. For more information call or write.

Next MUFON meeting is To Be Determined.

Well, until next time. Have a great week.

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