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QHHT®, Past Life Regression Disclaimer and Information Regarding Hypnosis

Carl Marshall, QHHT® Practitioner, agrees to provide professional services in accordance with acquired training and experience. The client who requests and agrees to be hypnotized acknowledges that hypnosis is a very powerful process that has helped thousands of people to make the kinds of changes that they want to make in their lives. The client also understands that everyone is different, therefore, personal results will vary according to the individual and that there are no expressed or implied guarantees or warranties regarding the results of the session. Carl Marshall is neither a trained psychologist, psychiatrist or medical doctor. Services to be provided do not include the practice of medicine. These services are non-diagnostic and are complementary to the healing arts services that are licensed by the state.

Hypnosis is not mind control. For example, no one, not even the very best hypnotist, could make you lose weight, or stop smoking if you really don’t want to. Most people, but not everyone, will begin to experience the benefits, from the session, immediately. Ultimately, you are responsible for the changes that occur as a result of the hypnosis sessions.

This is both “good” and “bad”. It is “good” because, after you have made the changes that you want using hypnosis, you deserve a great deal of the credit, and this knowledge helps you to make more changes in your life. But, on the other hand, it is bad because we cannot guarantee that the changes will come about. In fact, this is true in any situation where a professional is trying to help you. There is always a human factor. Doctors don’t guarantee that you will get well. Teachers can’t guarantee that you will learn, and lawyers can’t guarantee that you will “win” your case. What we can guarantee, here at Texas Metaphysics, is the very best service, using current information and appropriate hypnotic techniques for your situation.

Hypnosis is not a state of sleep but is a natural state of mind that can produce extraordinary levels of relaxation of mind, body and emotions. The client is always in control of their session. The principles and theories upon which hypnotherapy is based are accessing and utilizing the power of one's inner resources. Hypnosis can transcend the critical, analytical level of mind, and facilitate the acceptance of suggestions, directions and instructions desired by the Client. The therapeutic use of hypnosis can also elicit information and insights from the inner mind. Carl Marshall, QHHT® Practitioner, utilizes interviews, discussions and hypnotic methods dealing with underlying issues whenever appropriate, with the goal of achieving effective and lasting results. To affirm that hypnosis is appropriate for you and does not conflict with existing medical or psychiatric treatment, always seek out and follow the advice of your physician or other professional medical practitioner before considering alternative treatment.

Waiver of Liability

The client voluntarily agrees to make themselves available to the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT®) Session, which involves an in-depth interview, spiritual coaching and counseling, hypnosis that may include a past-life regression, and a discussion of events after the hypnotic session. Except in the case of gross negligence or malpractice, I and/or my representative(s) agree to fully release and hold harmless, Carl Marshall, from and against any and all claims or liability of whatsoever kind or nature arising out of or in connection with my session.

Methods Used by Carl Marshall

Carl Marshall employs the use of hypnosis, his intuitive insight, and spiritual coaching to aid, or facilitate, in the client’s desire for self-improvement. The specific techniques may include body relaxation, guided meditation, spiritual guidance, past life regression, guided imagery and behavioral modification.

Sessions are Recorded

All QHHT® and Past Life Regressions are recorded at no additional cost to the client. Carl Marshall does not guarantee that the recording will be 100% audible, fully intact or usable. Carl Marshall will not be responsible, nor issue a refund, for non-recording, defective or damaged recordings. Moreover, I agree that no compensation will be paid for any products or revenues or any value derived from these recordings or any resulting products. I waive all rights from the use of such recordings. I do not ask for, nor expect, any compensation from any recordings taken during the QHHT® Hypnosis Session. Further, the client gives permission to use some of the session material in print or discussion. Carl Marshall guarantees if he uses the information in print or discussion it will not be used in conjunction with the client’s name or personal information without further written permission from the client.

QHHT® and Past Life Regression Fees

The client pays for their sessions at the time the appointment is made.  Appointments are made in blocks of time and the client agrees that they are paying for the time block of the session.  Depending on the needs of the client, session times may end earlier than the purchased block of time or the session may end up later than the block of time purchased.  In any event, the fees will not be adjusted and remain as is.  Given there are no guarantees or expressed warranties for results and that all results vary to great degrees, fees are not subject to refunds with the exception of either party cancelling the appointment up to 48 hours in advance. 

By signing this, I am stating that I have read this form and understand that, like the other healing arts, the practice of hypnosis and hypnotherapy, is not an exact science: Therefore, results are not guaranteed, nor are refunds given for services rendered.

(All clients are required to sign this disclaimer and waiver of liability prior to commencing the session.)

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