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Outstanding Testimonials

QHHT® From Outstanding Clients

It was a pleasure meeting you and your wife.  Thank you for my first hypnosis experience. If you remember I was limping when I went to your house, your wife thought it was the nerve that runs down your leg being pinched.  When I left your home, my leg was feeling better.  Two days later I would say that pain is all but gone, in which I am ever grateful for as where I had surgery in my right leg has started hurting again but it is still far better than my whole leg hurting.  I’ll take what I can.

 I have not watched the session yet as I’m still feeling weird from being mean or aggressive when you were asking the questions.  This is not who I am, and I feel I need to do some reflection on this.

 I do hope our paths cross again as I felt very comfortable with you and your wife.  Thank you again for your session.  I have many things to think about.

I do hope you caught the new Dr. Who.  I believe she will take the show to new places. oh yes thank you for the eggs too.

Cindy - Sent from my iPhone

I received a QHHT session with Carl about 6 months ago, and have thought much about the experience since.  Although I have never been hypnotized before, I have had many sessions in related fields. I found Carl to be very professional, very interested in what he was doing, and with a keen interest in receiving feedback to improve his skills. Leading up to and during the session he made me feel comfortable and safe during my first hypnosis experience.  He answered all of my questions, and took the time to talk with me afterwards.  I also appreciated that he did not ask any leading questions, and was there simply as a guide - not making judgements or inserting personal beliefs or interests into the session. I received a past life regression, we visited three past lives. I feel that the experience was genuine, and hope to have sessions with Carl in the future to explore more.


For anyone who is wondering, I did this approximately a week & 1/2 ago & am still enjoying the results. It is a fascinating, uplifting experience. I haven’t felt this light or this good in years. My husband says he loves the change because the happiness seems to radiate from me. I can’t wait until Carl is done with his 25 because I want to do it again. I feel like we have so much more to explore & my curiosity abounds!!


I just want to thank you again. I have felt so much better since our session. My back still doesn’t hurt & this morning I woke up without my body tingling all over like it has been doing for months since I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. 
My stepdaughter is interested & so is another lady here in the Cove. I told the person I do msg with from here & apparently, she shared it with others.
I can’t wait til you’ve done your 25 because I really want to talk to the person I brought back with me.  Thanks again, to you & Kay & for the eggs.

Lesley - Sent from my iPad

Hi Carl,

Congratulations on the incredible progress you've made toward completing your internship!  It was a wonderful opportunity for my girls (Madeline and Emily) and myself.  

Thank you for giving us a wonderful experience.

With infinite love and gratitude.



I just wanted to extend my gratitude again to you and Kay for opening your home up to me.

I really enjoyed my time with you all and the QHHT session.

My heel and ankle are aggravated less and less each day.

 I feel comfortable in trusting my intuition and my ability to connect with my higher self.

 I had asked for less tightness in my solar plexus through energy shifts and asked for cranial sacral adjustments as well. 

My session was on a Tuesday. I barely made it through work Wednesday, and Thursday I slept all day long, I was very sick and exhausted. 

(Looking back on other energetic work I have had done in the past, I should have remembered and expected this. I suggest recommending a period of rest for your clients after their sessions if you don't already.)

Friday morning, I woke up clear, energetic and full of joy and that feeling hasn't left yet.

With the full moon and the autumn equinox this weekend I would have fully expected my solar plexus to be tight and full of anxiety. Not this time. Just release and relaxation. 

I feel truly blessed. 

Each day since my session cranial adjustments are being made a little at a time. As much as I can handle, I guess. During my day or even during meditation I will feel a crack, pop and release of pressure in my cranial area. It feels amazing. (people pay good money for that kind of chiropractic work).

I am enjoying my new-found clarity and creativity.

I look forward to more of your work in the future.

You should feel confident in the path you have chosen.

I would recommend you to anyone.

I have listened back on my session twice now and have learned something new each time. 

I would love to be involved in any group sessions you would like to host, so keep me in mind.

Love to Kay and her warm hospitality! 

Love to your beautiful broody hen! (and the other Girl's too!)

Love and Light,


This is Emily from this past Friday. Thanks for sending out the e-mail. I’ve told a few people but I’m not sure if they will follow-up with you. I truly appreciate your time and opening up your house to me and my family. Your wife is wonderful so please send her my best regards as well.
Thanks again!


So my experience with QHHT was very interesting. I have dealt with paranormal experiences since I first saw my great grandma's spirit not soon after she passed, when I was 8 yrs old. I have experienced several other paranormal occurrences on a regular basis since then, so much so at one point in time I was called to get baptized to help alleviate the haunting. This brought me to Dolores Cannon's work on YouTube. I then decided to have a session to get some answers. During my session, I then found out that I am not from earth and have a "family" out there and go visit them from time to time which explained a lot. I also was having trouble with anxiety really bad, and weight gain, and after my session I have had no "over eating" and anxiety's at bay. Super happy with my results. I have recommended Carl to everyone that I know who is "on this level" of consciousness and he will be getting more clientele from me. I strongly encourage anyone who wants answers to contact him. He's awesome. Thank you again Carl. It was a pleasure.


I have had many experiences throughout my lifetime that most people would deem impossible.  These include being abducted by UFOs, being visited by spirits, ghosts, and shadow people, and KNOWING that I have experienced many lifetimes (because I remember several of them clearly). When I heard about the Carl and QHHT, I was excited to find out about a few experiences that just weren't clear. During my QHHT session, I was regressed into a past lifetime, and it was VERY vivid and detailed.  Then I contacted my sub-conscious self that has access to ALL KNOWLEDGE. Carl directed me to those questions that I had expressed about unclear events in my life, and I discovered that I had actually been abducted several times by various UFO cultures.  I could name those cultures and knew where they originated from. I remembered what was done to me, but was not afraid during the QHHT session.  Carl was very helpful in my STAYING calm.  My session was lengthy and informatively helpful in my dealing with so many paranormal, and UN-Earthly experiences.  I find that I am still quite calm and unafraid concerning my abilities and experiences. Thank you Carl for helping me with these questions that boggled me for many years.

We then addressed the issue of my health.  I had a heart attack less than a year ago, and the prescription drugs that I was put on afterward have really caused me to be VERY nauseous and dizzy for months (all day and night for the entire time.)  When my subconscious was asked to assist with my self healing and whether it could even be done, I answered that it was already done.  Since that session, I have been able to wean myself off of the many prescriptions without any side effects. My cholesterol levels are better with the good cholesterol coming up greatly. The overall number is still higher than doctors like, but it is SO MUCH BETTER NOW, since the QHHT session. I am ALSO managing my diabetes enough better that I have cut down on the medication for it, as well.  Thank you Carl for assisting me with this healing process so that I can FINALLY begin to feel like eating again, and feel like each day is a gift rather than a horrible tortuous experience to grind through.  


QHHT is a fascinating journey of the consciousness.

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