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Do you have what it takes to look inside?

Day by day we wake up to a new world, a new life experience. Is that really all there is to our lives? Why do I have these feelings that there is more, something much more that lies just outside our recollection? I can almost see it, hear it, feel it, but it is just not there. With the QHHT method, we can see it, hear it, and feel it; we can find those memories that elude us. Do you really want to know the answers? What would you do differently if you knew the answers to your questions? How would your life change if you had the answer to that question that has haunted you for so many years? Do you really have what it takes to look inside your own subconscious mind?

Water Foam

UFO Abduction & Aliens

Have you been abducted?

Life goes on, day after day. Each day leads to the next with nothing significant ever happening. Or does it? Each day, people report things in their lives that do not make sense. Missing time. New scars. New bruises. A sense that something has happened, but cannot make the connection. There are people who do remember, and these are a few of the cases that have been documented.

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Messages and Memories From the Pleiades

Old Book

Cases of Reincarnation

Do you have a connection with those about you?

Heading 6
  • Every day, we have the opportunity to meet new people. Some we feel very comfortable with, others, not so much. Why? Why do we have an affinity toward some but not others? Why are we drawn to some people or places? Why do some places bring a sense of Deja Vu like we've been there before? Like we've known some people all our lives after just a chance meeting?

  • Have we known those people before or been to those places before in previous lives?

  • Listed below are some websites that may help answer your questions.

  • Is reincarnation real? That is a question that has been asked many many times throughout the millenniums. I believe that it is a question that can be neither proved or disproved with complete assurance; however, I do believe that we can come to some sort of rational belief on the subject when we consider the writings of the early church fathers and modern researchers who delve into the past life stories of children who tell of once being big.

  • As in other beliefs of the church and Christianity, one has to ask themselves, whether a consideration of reincarnation as a belief system, would be a barrier to fellowship with other Christians. Baptism and a cappella music has certainly been a stumbling block to certain religious groups, talking in tongues has been outlawed by other groups. What about healing in the name of Jesus? Why a person could be run out of the church for doing such a thing. What is your dogma? What is it you were taught that you will hang onto as your central belief system even if the truth were to stand before you? Your parents taught you what to believe and now it is a part of you? Why, your family, for generations, has belong to your religious organization and now you can't leave. What? Your dad bought the collection plates and now you can't leave because, well, it's a family thing. You're vested in that religious group. I've known people who saw the truth and still would not believe it. I was one of those people. I read. I studied. I prayed. I asked the Lord for knowledge and wisdom to guide me. I stepped out of religion and into the Spirit and I have found true freedom in Christ.

  • I cannot prove or disprove reincarnation, but I do know one thing, it is not a belief that should become a stumbling block to the point where fellowship cannot resume.

  • And now! I have what I consider to be a long list of reading material to those who would like to study more on this subject. I did not write any of this material. I've tried to leave the active links intact within the PDFs. I've also not read all the material through and through. Read what interests you, leave the other for others. Have fun.

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Balancing Beam

Texas Metaphysics & QHHT®

This is your opportunity

We, at Texas Metaphysics & QHHT®, strive to learn more about the UFO phenomenon and reincarnation. Do you have dreams that cannot be explained in a rational way, that go beyond your everyday experiences? Call or Text at 479-970-6922, or email at

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